Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Remove scoundrels masquerading as Penn State trustees

There are pirates among us that need to be removed.

Unelected, unauthorized scoundrels have taken control of Penn State and have utilized their illegitimate positions to cover up their legacy of malfeasance.

Trustees Richard Dandrea, Kenny Frazier and others continue to prostitute the legacy of our university to serve their own self-interests.

With apologies to President Eric Barron, civility be damned.

There is a word for the one-way civility of the past three years. That word is “submission.”

It is time for Penn Staters to terminate this submission and rise up and demand the ouster of these illegitimate “leaders.” We have exhausted all civil means, and it is time to respond in kind to the uncivil actions of the board leadership.

This is our university, not theirs, and it is time to make that crystal clear.

Edmund Burke was correct 200 years ago when he said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

That premise is just as true today.

I implore all those who care for this university to stand up to tyranny, call out hypocrisy and demand accountability.

Echoing the words of trustee Ryan McCombie, it is time for all Penn Staters to refuse to wear the scarlet letter and to confront those who branded that letter onto all Penn Staters.

Are we not Penn State?

Do we not have the character and commitment necessary to confront the evil that resides in the boardroom of our own campus?

Barry Fenchak

State College