Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Consider investing in solar

Energy solutions are in the hands of the researchers, and we have excellent minds at Penn State.

I favor solar energy. Some people dismiss it for Pennsylvania because of its mild climate and forested areas. But let us rethink the problems.

Solar energy researchers need to focus more intensely on four components: generation, storage, transferability and trade of solar energy.

Generation and storage of solar energy have received intense attention. Transferability and trade are the two areas that would make solar energy economically attractive to the private sector.

Can we transfer it and sell it to other states or countries? Just think of the economic boom in India and other developing countries. Some of our states also would have a more suitable environment, i.e., Florida, Texas, New Mexico. Penn State and investors could capitalize jointly on the technology developed by our world-ranked faculty.

Penn State’s Materials Science Research Laboratory is one of the best — if not best — in the world. Most of its research is privately sponsored.

I would love to see a similar effort at Penn State in solar-energy research, even if it is sponsored by oil companies.

The private sector’s main concern is and should be to succeed in the marketplace with profitability for the company and stockholders.

With this line of thinking, there is profit potential and fewer environmental side effects.

Maria Sweet

State College