Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Veterans are thankful, too

I have served 24 years in the Army Reserves.

Veterans Day has a special meaning for me. Each year on this date I, like many Americans, honor those who have gone on before us and those who are serving.

On Wednesday, I left for a preplanning conference after putting my 7-year-old on the school bus. She did not feel well but couldn’t say what was wrong. She said she would miss me.

That morning, I received an email from her teacher at Mount Nittany Elementary School saying my daughter was extremely sad because I was leaving. The teacher would keep an eye on her.

I was grateful for the email and the teacher.

This made me think about the people and organizations that support the military and the random acts of kindness like the teachers and students who sent pictures and letters to us in Iraq — and the mystery person who bought dinner. Family, friends and groups sent care packages, collected socks, raised money for the Wounded Warriors and other organizations. Meals and numerous discounts are offered by organizations on Veterans Day.

All these acts of kindness are so very humbling.

On this Veterans Day, I give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has ever said thank you for your service, taken time to send a note, donated to a veterans’ organization or performed other acts of kindness to those of us in the military.

It is truly appreciated and it is an honor to serve in defense of our great nation.

Allen Metheny