Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Delta expansion explained

In 2013, the State College school board voted for a $115 million budget cap on the State High project. The project includes space for relocating the Delta High program for grades 9-12 from the Fairmount Building downtown to the north side of Westerly Parkway.

The Nov. 4 headline and article (“Costs may rise for State High project”) about the cost of the project rising was misleading.

The confusion stems from a proposal for housing the new middle-grades Delta program.

This program was developed in response to community interest in another middle-grades option within the State College Area School District and started in September with 80 students in fifth through eighth grades (plus a waiting list).

Delta middle school is located in the Fairmount Building. It makes sense for the programs to be near each other because they share some staff and some older Delta middle students can take classes at Delta high school.

So far, the only long-term option that’s been proposed for housing Delta middle is to expand the new Delta high space on Westerly so the programs can be housed together there. The board will continue to discuss whether this is an educationally sound and fiscally responsible option in the coming weeks.

No matter where Delta middle is housed, there will be a facility cost involved; however, regardless of where space is ultimately built, it was not part of the $115 million State High project.

Laurel Zydney

State College