Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: NCAA’s Mark Emmert has to go

The days of President Mark Emmert and his co-conspirators at the NCAA should be numbered, and that number should be zero.

I, along with many Penn Staters, am more than deeply disturbed by the actions of the NCAA.

What motivation did the NCAA have in “bluffing” its way to bully Penn State administrators and the board of trustees members into accepting unwarranted sanctions?

The NCAA certainly was correct in its assumption that the trustees would accept the sanctions rather than the death penalty. Penn State is not a corporation. You don’t “bluff” an educational institution that is governed by “trustees” whose principal goal is to protect the institution.

And the NCAA knew that it did not have jurisdiction over the actions of Jerry Sandusky, who was no longer with the university.

Why was the NCAA not supportive of Penn State — a member of the organization, choosing instead to jump on a media-stoked bandwagon? And if a member was undergoing incredible turmoil and embarrassment in an area not under the NCAA’s jurisdiction, shouldn’t the NCAA support the institution rather than persecute it?

Let’s try to force a change in the NCAA and the way it does business. Let’s begin by getting rid of Emmert.

Gary Gray