Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State sanctions unjustified

Three years ago, I wrote one of the first widely circulated objections to the media frenzy linking Penn State and Joe Paterno to the crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

Three years later, all I can say is, “I told you so.”

The recent revelations in the NCAA emails filed in state Sen. Jake Corman’s lawsuit confirm that the NCAA knew very well that its sanctions against Penn State were unauthorized and unjustified.

They also confirm the cowardice (continuing) on the part of the state-appointed trustees and administration (Rodney Erickson) in refusing to challenge the NCAA or Louis Freeh. The damage resulting from their cowardice is simply immeasurable.

It is time for the board of trustees and the new administration of President Eric Barron to stand up and force the NCAA to publicly apologize and retract — in whole — the unreasonable penalties imposed on the university, the faculty, students, staff, former athletes, Paterno, alumni and everyone ever associated in a positive way with Penn State.

A public apology from the NCAA is the only step that is going to constitute “moving on” in the right direction. Let’s get on with it!

John O’Donnell

Eagle Bay, N.Y.