Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Barron shows true colors

As a Penn State alumna with a heart that bleeds blue and white, I am deeply disappointed in President Eric Barron’s choice to not attend the Dec. 15 special meeting called by the alumni-elected trustees.

As the president of this great university, I would think he would make all meetings of the board a priority to attend, especially a meeting called to discuss such an important issue.

The alumni trustees are the voice of Penn State’s biggest donors, most loyal supporters and biggest fans. By choosing not to attend the meeting, he appears to be following the majority rather than listening to the university alumni.

I find it disturbing that recently he has made the time to participate in a very controversial protest regarding the Ferguson, Mo., situation, and yet could not find the time to be at a Penn State board meeting.

It’s time for him to listen to us, stop blindly following the board majority and put Penn State first.

Barron has a responsibility to all of the trustees and to us, the largest alumni base in this country.

He needs to stop being a blind follower and be the leader he needs to be.

Ashleigh Veneziano