Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Spirit of Christmas alive and well

I want to say thanks to my secret Santa.

I had my car at Lykens Market in Bellefonte. I had run over a nail and it caused my tire to have a small leak that could not be plugged. I would have to buy a new tire and have it installed. I said to the repair man to put the tire back on and that I would fill it with air as needed.

However, a man sitting beside me and hearing the conversation about the tire spoke up, saying, “Put a new tire on, I will pay for it.”

He then looked at me and said “Merry Christmas.”

He has the Christmas spirit for sure. Thank you very much, secret Santa!

It made me realize there are still wonderful people in our world that want to help a perfect stranger in need.

May God bless you like you have blessed me.

P. Louise Crock