Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Non-elected trustees failing in duty to Penn State

The Corman-McCord lawsuit against the NCAA is an attempt to keep $60 million of taxpayer and tuition money in Pennsylvania.

The suit has since been expanded to challenge the legitimacy of the NCAA sanctions and return the $60 million to Penn State along with other remedies the court sees fit to impose.

Penn State stands shoulder to shoulder with the NCAA in opposition to such ruling.

The nine alumni-elected trustees called a special meeting Dec. 15 to consider a logical and responsible motion to reverse Penn State’s position in the suit. At the behest of Chairman Keith Masser, the meeting was boycotted by all the other trustees, including President Eric Barron, ostensibly because there are more important matters than conserving university resources.

Inexplicably, Masser et al. are not only uninterested in, but are opposed to defending financial resources of the university. If this does not constitute gross negligence, incompetence and breach of fiduciary duty, nothing does.

State Sen. Jake Corman and Treasurer Rob McCord are doing the trustees’ job for them.

A resolution of no confidence in board leadership, along with every trustee who boycotted the special meeting, is needed in the General Assembly. By an act of the legislature, the business and industry, agriculture and other appointed members should be removed as trustees and interim members appointed. The General Assembly must move quickly to revise the charter to prevent self-perpetuating appointments of egocentric, self-serving, power mongers.

Mark E. Kubiske

Rhinelander, Wis.