Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Defend Penn State’s culture when it’s attacked

In response to President Eric Barron’s column (CDT, Dec. 19), when Louis Freeh and, later, NCAA President Mark Emmert, made statements about the Penn State “culture,” they were talking about me. They were talking about my sisters. They were talking about my niece and nephew. They were talking about my parents.

I was not granted anonymity. Because of their slanderous statements about my culture I, and everyone in my family, was publicly labeled as someone who cared more about football than human decency. The basis for this conclusion about my culture were statements made by individuals who were interviewed by Freeh. If those people believe that I belong to a culture that enabled a pedophile, then I believe it is my right to know who they are and how they came to this opinion. I am perplexed and insulted that President Barron finds it of paramount importance to protect the identities of these individuals when, to date, not one person at the university has lifted a finger to protect me or any other member of our community from public harassment, property damage or media abuse.

I am sick and tired of being tossed aside as an insignificant member of the Penn State community. My culture is one of success with honor and if there is someone out there who believes otherwise, then they should say so publicly. To do otherwise is pure cowardice.

Linda Berkland

Marysville, Ohio