Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Haines Township supervisors should resign

Political comedian Stephen Colbert said that Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a government that governs best, governs least — with Congress approaching perfection. Colbert’s ridicule of Congress’s inability to govern enlightens the desire for power and the blinding corruption of corporate contribution to election campaigns that is our American norm.

The Haines Township Board of Supervisors appears to not be governing. Decisions are routinely voted upon at public meeting, with little to no discussion. How can that be? Township decisions and discussions that lead to them are required by law to be made in public. Decision requires an unencumbered offering of different opinions that includes both local officials and citizens. Local citizens routinely write to these supervisors and attend monthly meetings (bless them) and their perspectives are routinely ignored.

I fear actual conflicts of interest prevail between our elected officials and local industrial interests.

Perhaps it is time for a change. I unfortunately expect that our currently elected officials are not capable of listening to fair criticism, making adjustments and separating themselves from conflicts of interest. They must recuse themselves from voting when their personal interests are involved.

More importantly, our supervisors should resign. 2015 should bring to Haines Township an impartial, enlightened, dedicated and impassioned for democracy Board of Supervisors. It is the commonwealth — the general welfare — that should govern.

Nancy Parks