Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State bowl victory deserved better play

It is the day after Penn State’s first bowl game in more than two years, and first bowl victory since 2010. Every Penn State fan sat watching, with nerves on end, as Sam Ficken’s kick soared between the goalposts. There were many celebratory cheers heard in Yankee Stadium and across the country. This team needed and deserved that bowl game and that win.

This morning, one would have expected that the front page of our local newspaper would have had a full page congratulatory piece. But, of course, the paper did not. Our local CDT paid tribute with a picture that was about 25 percent of the page and the most noticeable and remaining 75 percent of the page was another reminder about Jerry Sandusky and the woes and pain that he has caused so many.

Hey Mr. Editor ... we know the story, we lived it, these kids lived it. I, for one, am tired of your paper rubbing our noses in this mess almost daily by rehashing this story at each tiny opportunity you can find. It’s time to stop covering this story on a daily basis. My hope is that everyone is as disgusted as I am and will cancel their subscriptions to your paper.

This team deserves better and so do your readers.

Kathey Cady