Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Trustees’ no-show was irresponsible

The non-alumni-elected Penn State trustees should be ashamed of themselves for refusing to attend a Dec. 15 meeting.

It is inexcusable for board Chairman Keith Masser to have discouraged trustees from attending the meeting to discuss the possibility of changing sides — to become plaintiffs — in a lawsuit against the NCAA.

The NCAA did not have the authority to impose sanctions, and an email stated that it “bluffed” Penn State into signing the consent decree.

What are Masser, Vice Chairwoman Kathleen Casey and other trustees afraid of?

Why can’t the board adopt an open and transparent position with regard to releasing paper when it comes to decisions regarding sanctions imposed by the NCAA?

It is clear that former university president Rodney Erickson should not have signed the consent agreement without consultation with the trustees. Why does Penn State align itself with the NCAA in court cases instead of forming a united front with the plaintiffs?

I cannot understand why Penn State is being so obstinate and arrogant in refusing to work to eliminate the remaining sanctions, which include what has already been paid of the the $60 million; the $10 million fine imposed by the Big Ten; the forfeiture of bowl money; and the 112 victories taken away from Penn State.

This irresponsibility on the part of the non-alumni-elected board members has to stop. Penn State needs to restore a better relationship with alumni and the State College community so that healing can begin.

Thomas Sturniolo

State College