Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Saving us from ourselves

Loss of respect for law enforcement in the United States is due to the growth of laws and enforcement tactics.

In an endeavor to protect the rights and safety of everyone — civil rights protections, protection from bullies, protection from abusive parents, protection from harmful foods, protection from poor investments — more and more laws are passed every year.

Children are raised with a bubble of protection all around them. Car seats until they are 8 years old. Children age 8 and older must be buckled in seat belt, no matter where they ride in the vehicle.

If you are arrested, there is almost always a stack of charges for the prosecution to use for plea bargaining. If you are found innocent of a criminal charge, you can be recharged with a different accusation or a civil charge, a federal civil rights, tax or terrorist charge. What happened to double jeopardy?

Children grow up to be voters and have been taught that society needs to protect us from our own poor decisions. Government knows best. Future voters will pass more laws to guide us and protect us from our own poor decisions.

Law enforcement agencies are in place to enforce these laws. Departments try to enforce the laws without too much flexibility since they would be found at fault for any type of selective enforcement. We the voters are making or allowing these “society” laws and empowering a police state requirement of enforcement.

Skeet Dix

State College