Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Playing field for businesses isn’t level

We live in a country where business competition is healthy, but I do mind when corporations display arrogance in how they conduct their business.

Sheetz recently opened a new facility across the street from Snappy’s in Centre Hall.

The Sheetz company doesn’t seem have enough money and appears to have decided to try to put Snappy’s out of business.

I thinks it’s interesting that, upon opening, Sheetz had a gas price of $2.65 in Centre Hall and in State College their price was $2.79.

Sheetz is the big dog in town and appears to set the gas prices. I suspect the distributors tell the others to follow.

Don’t customers think they’re getting fleeced when they leave the State College area and gas is 10 to 25 cents less?

I take issue with a big corporation like Sheetz with an attitude that they can just come into town and try to put a smaller business out of business.

So my Penns Valley friends, the only way to get Sheetz’s attention is to not buy their gas or their products. Show support for an established business that has treated customers fairly for a number of years.

Jim Jacobs

Spring Mills