Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Haines Township majority has listened, ruled

A small group of residents have battled Con-Stone since 1990.

They failed via the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection so they antagonize the township supervisors in an attempt to get their way.

I call their group small based on their own activities. A year ago, they mailed letters to all Haines Township residents inviting them to a township meeting. Eight attended.

They recruited people at Fall Festival, at the polls and door to door to attend the Broad Road hearing. The sign-in sheets indicated 35 residents in attendance. Subtracting those unopposed to the road vacation, about 15-20 residents attended.

This small group accuses the supervisors of not listening to residents. This is not true. I have listened; I just disagree. They don’t want more dialogue; they want me to agree. They must realize that being vocal doesn’t make them right.

Vacating Broad Road is part of an agreement negotiated with Con-Stone over the course of a year and a half. All negotiations took place at advertised public meetings. One hazard of being small is that the group had nobody attend those meetings. After adoption, they acted as though we had pulled something over on them. Everything was above board.

As an elected official, I represent more than 1,500 residents, not just the eight most vocal. To the majority, the quarry is not an issue. They want us to focus on managing the township.

Daryl Schafer


The writer is chairman of the Haines Township Board of Supervisors.