Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Sen. Pat Toomey not so conservative

Taxpayers are on the hook for $1.1 trillion for Washington’s “Cromnibus” spending binge.

The news that Sen. Pat Toomey refused to stand with Senate conservatives and instead voted to fund President Barack Obama’s illegal immigrant amnesty along with Obamacare brings to mind previous betrayals.

In 2004, then-Sen. Rick Santorum endorsed Republican-in-name-only Arlen Specter over a conservative insurgent. Ironically, the insurgent was Toomey.

Although Santorum’s political favor to Specter and President George W. Bush won him plaudits from the rest of the Beltway oligarchy, it continues to haunt his presidential ambitions.

Republican primary voters have not forgiven Santorum for his words and actions a decade ago and neither should Toomey, who already offended Second Amendment supporters with his 2013 Toomey-Manchin gun-control proposal.

While Toomey basks in praise from Obama and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and counts his 2016 re-election campaign donations from the cheap-labor lobby, he should know that Pennsylvania conservatives will remember his lack of principles.

John Groenveld

State College