Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State still down the rabbit hole

Up is down, down is up and the Penn State adventures in wonderland continue.

Trustees who are attorneys by trade knew not to embrace an inflammatory grand jury presentment and fully embraced an inflammatory presentment.

Board of trustees volunteers did more damage to the university in 159 days than any paid employee in the past 159 years.

Jerry Sandusky was afforded his due process, yet three administrators have been charged, tried and sentenced in the court of public opinion.

Louis Freeh was contracted to appear before the university in an effort to “move forward” but has not appeared and has “moved on.”

Judge Anne Covey is making difficult but swift decisions on mountains of NCAA materials, yet Judge Todd Hoover hasn’t made a decision on Cynthia Baldwin.

The NCAA torched the reputations of four principals of Penn State with three vague, out-of-context emails, yet the NCAA is crying foul that Sen. Jake Corman is torching its principals on a few vague, out-of-context emails.

The most powerful men at the NCAA concealed their actions in an effort to improve their image of bad publicity.

Pennsylvania is questioning the abusive actions of the executives at the nonprofit NCAA, yet Pennsylvania did not question the abusive actions of an executive at the nonprofit Second Mile.

Most “curiouser and curiouser,” the child welfare professionals who approved and applauded a child sexual offender and gave him access to children, have never been investigated for possible professional failures in child welfare.

Wendy Silverwood

West Chester