Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Offended by the NCAA

A Jan. 6 CDT headline said, “NCAA offended by privilege accusations.”

I have been offended by the actions of the NCAA since July 2012 when it imposed the illegal and onerous sanctions on Penn State.

Its actions have caused me a great deal of anguish when confronted by people who condemn me and my fellow alumni for things that neither we nor the university have done. We have been accosted in the press, every other form of media and, especially, by the fans of other universities.

So forgive me if I do not feel any empathy for the NCAA being offended. If the organization and individual staff members did everything in accordance with its constitution and bylaws, then there should be nothing to hide in any of its communications.

Because the NCAA has so vehemently fought to keep its communications and deposition testimony hidden behind the veil of client-attorney privilege, there is a whole lot of truth to be discovered.

It is time for the NCAA to give the big mea culpa and remove all of the remaining sanctions against Penn State; for President Mark Emmert and the past and present chairmen of the executive committee to provide a written apology for their egregious actions to the students, faculty, staff and alumni of our university and the Paterno family; and to encourage the Big Ten to remove all sanctions and provide the withheld bowl revenue for the current and past years.

Thomas Kupchinsky

State College