Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Worried about replacing Penney’s store at Nittany Mall

It’s no surprise J.C. Penney is closing locally.

What is surprising is that the whole chain isn’t shutting down. Pressure from a former major investor to appoint a new CEO who didn’t understand department store retailing alienated the customer base. Maybe infuriated is a better word.

The investor sold out. The CEO was fired and Penney’s has been struggling to regain the trust and loyalty of its core shopper — middle-income, middle-class women.

The company reported a relatively strong fourth-quarter sales increase. But a high percentage of a small number is still a small number in real dollars.

What should concern us is what might go into that space when Penney’s leaves. There are already three other midprice, full-line department stores in the Nittany Mall.

Is there really room for a fourth? I hope so. But I would be wary of the optimism mall management expressed in the CDT article (“Nittany Mall J.C. Penney to close,” Jan. 9).

Wes Richards

State College