Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Responsible leaders sought for Haines Township

Chairman Daryl Schafer (CDT, Jan. 7) disagrees with us. Fair enough.

But he misses the point, or recasts it to his advantage. He often does that.

The point? The agreement between Haines Township and Con-Stone Inc. to close two public roads is flawed. Schafer knows this. He was forced by our records research and legal analysis to correct one aspect of the agreement two years after its adoption.

Schafer holds himself unaccountable on quarry-related matters. During regular township meetings, he does not respond to residents’ questions about the agreement. Instead, he refers them to the mine operator or the township’s attorney. In the recent special meeting on Broad Road’s closure, we asked new substantive questions about the agreement’s compliance with state law. No response was offered. The vote was taken without discussion. Now a month later, we still have had no response.

About 50 people attended the special meeting. Of the 9 who spoke, 7 opposed the action and 2 supported it, according to the transcript.

If that’s a representative sample of township opinion about Schafer’s agreement with the quarry, about 80 percent oppose. His claim to majority support is not warranted.

Concerned Citizens for Haines Township is a new and growing civic association. Ongoing impacts of the quarry are a concern. Unaccountable township supervisors are a concern. We pay taxes, we vote, and we want responsible government in Penns Valley townships. Fair enough.

Catherine F. Smith

Spring Mills