Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Preserving Haines Township

Haines Township Supervisor Daryl Schafer said Con-Stone had been opposed since 1990 by a “small group of residents.” (CDT, Jan. 7)

In May 1992, the Penns Valley Conservation Association was formed to protect Haines Township, the historic village of Aaronsburg and, eventually, the exceptional value trout waters of Elk, Pine and Penns creeks from the effects of open-pit mining.

By 1995, PVCA had 648 paying members from various places in Centre County, 206 of them from Haines Township.

In 1997, Republican Glenn Hosterman and Democrat Floyd Etters ran for one of the three positions on the Board of Supervisors. However, in a write-in campaign, Dave Atkins beat both of them by running on a platform of preserving the character and heritage of the township.

Unfortunately, Atkins was still outnumbered on the board.

Still, at a 2004 meeting, Schafer said he “would do nothing to bring mining closer to the village of Aaronsburg.”

His subsequent actions indicated quite the opposite.

In 2005, Delmer Homan was unopposed on the ballot. Finally, two weeks before the election, I decided to run as a write-in candidate, on a platform, specifically, of “standing up to strip-mining.” I got 104 votes to Homan’s 208.

Only a minority care enough about the township’s character and heritage to fight for it in the face of intractable “leadership” who put the economic interest of one corporation above the common good.

But it is not a small minority, as Schafer indicated in his letter.

Willem van den Berg