Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Pension woes merit discussion

I thank State College Area School District board member Jim Pawelczyk for honestly and systematically tackling an issue that threatens the economic well-being of every Pennsylvanian (CDT, Jan. 5).

The Public School Employees’ Retirement System must be fixed. I realize that there is much to this issue and that experts, especially those with specific agendas, can make the issue incredibly confusing by introducing all sorts of complex details.

But the simple economic fact is that we can’t afford it. Meaning that staying on anything resembling the current path will weaken the state’s economic strength and, as a result, reduce the standard of living and economic opportunities for most Pennsylvanians.

Pawelczyk’s “four horsemen of the pension apocalypse” is a good start in that it explains what we need to stop doing. We citizens need to a) make this overhaul / repair job a top priority for elected officials and b) try to ensure that the repair is done in the best interests of the common good, not a select few.

Russ Lawrence

State College