Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Wolf should ban fracking

Gov.-elect Tom Wolf needs to rethink his position on exploiting the “natural” resources of our state.

The unconventional form of drilling for shale gas known as fracking is damaging our forests, farms, wildlife and human health as well.

Wolf expects to regulate and make fracking safe. The industry is already running roughshod over our state and has no desire to stop.

Fracking pollutes our air and water. It contributes abundant greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere which acts to exacerbate climate change.

Tom Wolf needs to realize the moral and ethical imperative which is to stop global warming, not contribute to it.

The time is now to ban fracking, as New York state did. Pennsylvanians are just as worthy of protection as New Yorkers are.

We need to quickly embrace sustainable renewable energy for job creation and clean air, pure water and a healthy environment as the Pennsylvania constitution guarantees us.

Pam Steckler

State College