Letters to the Editor

Ex-supporter thinks Obamacare needs a tuneup

When the Affordable Care Act was first proposed, it had my support. I have seen many who have struggled with securing insurance and hoped this would be a solution.

As our organization has navigated the ACA provisions, I have come to have a different viewpoint.

Like other organizations, the 30-hour-per-week threshold has hampered our organization. Typically, in our industry, we have both full-time and part-time staff. We determined that all employees must work 25 hours or fewer (to remain under the 30 hour mark) or work at 40 hours per week. Many industries have cut their employees’ hours to remain under the 30-hour threshold. I want to be clear that we need every employee we have and allowed employees to determine whether they would remain at under 25 hours or move to 40 hours per week. The Affordable Care Act eliminated our ability to have flexibility in our staffing. Our employees expressed dissatisfaction with having their hours cut to remain at a 25-hour average or essentially being forced into a full time position. Redefining full time status for the Affordable Care Act as 40 hours would give us back flexibility.

Under the ACA, we have had our mission infringed upon as well as our ability to be employee-friendly. We wholeheartedly support any modifications to the Affordable Care Act that will make this beneficial to employers and employees.

Wendy A. Pardee

State College

The writer is president and CEO of the Skills Group.