Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Keystone XL is wrong priority

Rather than tackling important issues facing our country: health care, tax reform, global terrorism, social security, etc., our new Congress is focused on approving the Keystone XL pipeline, which will bring the dirtiest oil on the planet through our country — risking our water supply — to refineries that will sell the oil on the world market and ship it overseas. For this, we Americans get 35 permanent jobs.

Why is Congress forcing this pipeline on Midwestern farmers in the breadbasket of our country, whose farms overlie the Ogallala aquifer, that vast underground aquifer that provides drinking and irrigation water for our country? An inevitable pipeline break will contaminate a portion of the aquifer for generations to come, ruining those farmers’ — our fellow Americans’ — livelihoods.

Why is this pipeline so important when there is no real benefit for our country, only risks? The answer is simple: TransCanada has spent $7 million lobbying Congress and it looks like it is getting a good return on the money since the pipeline looks to be approved soon.

Why should you be concerned?

The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline symbolizes the choice we face: clean vs. dirty energy. Ask yourself: Why is Congress not addressing the most pressing problem of the future — climate change? What legacy are we leaving our children? Why are our congressmen throwing their fellow Americans (Midwestern farmers and ranchers) under the bus for the benefit of a foreign company? Please call your congressmen and ask them why.

Anne Ready

State College