Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Fracking is an asset

In response to Pam Steckler’s recent letter stating that she thinks Gov.-elect Tom Wolf should ban fracking for natural gas, I bet she also wishes she had been in Titusville in 1858 to prevent Edwin Drake from drilling the world’s first oil well.

If she wants to live in a state that bans exploration for energy, she should move to New York where such commerce is prohibited.

Fracking is relatively new technology that has drastically reduced the price of natural gas and refined petroleum products.

This left-wing political opinion in New York prevents private landowners from collecting royalties on what lies beneath their property, reduces the opportunity of thousands of private-sector jobs and prohibits the state of New York from collecting millions of dollars in taxes from wage earners, landowner royalties and corporate profits.

The extraction of minerals and natural resources provides a lifestyle that is the envy of many Third World citizens. State and federal regulations require strict compliance of protecting the environment of mining and drilling companies.

I support the development of clean energy as long as it is not subsidized by government tax credits and subsidies.

Thomas Edison didn’t develop the light bulb with the help a government grant. The bird-killing wind industry shouldn’t be given federal aid it needs to sustain its existence.

Dave Schellberg

Port Matilda