Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Representation lacking

Daryl Schafer was elected by the people of Haines Township to represent them — not himself and certainly not ConStone.

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he is charged “to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the township.”

He took an oath to perform the duties of the office with fidelity. Fidelity means loyalty and allegiance to the citizens.

Residents have expressed concern over the quarry expansion and specifically the mining through the roads since 2004. We attended meetings and were met with blank faces. There was no discussion among the supervisors.

We wrote letters and received no correspondence. We asked questions and received no answers. Schafer said in August 2013 that, by our addressing him with concerns about the mine, he has “been taking the constant agitation of this … group.”

He also said that his time as an elected officials was being wasted by “propaganda.”

These statements do not fulfill the charge he accepted. He has not represented the residents of Haines Township – certainly not well.

How does closing a public road to allow a private company to gain financially while creating more noise, danger, inconvenience and risk and the devaluing of homes ensure our health safety, and welfare? Clearly it does not.

It’s not that people don’t care. When asked about protesting this subject, many residents responded by saying, “They are just going to do what they want anyway.”

Sadly, they were right

Susan Dawson