Letters to the Editor

Leter to the editor | Prioritize sustainable energy

Dave Schellberg’s letter (“Fracking is an asset,” Tuesday) suggesting to an opponent of fracking that she move to New York state is so full of factual errors and fallacy, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Wind energy is called bird-killing, but Schellberg doesn’t appear to know that fossil-fuel power stations kill 34.8 times more birds per unit of energy generated. Nuclear plants kill 2.2 times more birds.

The ideal is expressed that sustainable forms of energy should not be subsidized by government — never mind that, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels get about 12 times as much subsidy.

There is no mention that fracking is now clearly identified as responsible for earthquakes near wastewater injection wells, big enough to destroy buildings. As the journal Science reports, such earthquakes are occurring more frequently — dozens in the U.S. so far, in many states.

While in Dubai, a huge solar-energy project is being built with energy costs pegged at less than half the U.S. average cost for electricity, while cloudy Germany has almost one-quarter of its energy coming from solar — now, the U.S. lags behind, due mostly to the purchase of Congress by the oil and coal lobbies, e.g. Rep. Glenn Thompson.

The energy future of this country is not burning rocks and cracking up the earth to suck out gas.

Geoffrey Godbey

State College