Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | ‘409’ represents more than wins

On Oct. 29, 2011, 409 represented the number of Joe Paterno’s career wins.

Shortly after Paterno was unceremonoiusly fired, 409 became a symbol for much more, including fairness and appropriate process.

For those who claim that the celebration of 409 is insensitive to victims of sexual abuse, they are wrong. In fact, blaming “the most powerful men” at Penn State is a copout.

If we as a society don’t fully understand the truth regarding what happened with respect to Jerry Sandusky, then we will not improve our ability to identify “nice-guy” sexual predators.

Blaming “the most powerful men” does nothing to help the primary individuals who need to be trained to better identify “nice-guy” sexual offenders: social workers, police officers, teachers, etc.

409: So much more than Joe Paterno’s career win total.

John G. Rita

Herndon, Va.