Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Name the stadium after Paterno

Now that the sanctions against Penn State have been lifted, the fact that Joe Paterno was never suspected of any wrongdoing established, and the board of trustees accepting the reversal of the sanctions, it’s time for this board to do what everyone wants, and that is to make it Joe Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium and to put the statue back.

The alumni-elected trustees are to be thanked for their efforts in pursuing these issues, along with the Paterno family and everyone else who was involved, including the legion of fans who support Paterno.

When lawsuits are brought to the attention of the courts, the people being challenged will usually, at first, fight back, but in the end when the deck is stacked against them, they lose their ability and will to fight because of one reason — because they know they are going to lose.

In other words, their cowardly acts will not stand up in a court of law, and a lot of other things might be exposed.

The actions by the NCAA show that the Freeh report was flawed, the NCAA did not have proper authority and the court of public opinion has no legal merit.

Now, let us hope that another investigation starts and the real culprits are revealed. Maybe the then-trustees and others need to be investigated thoroughly.

David G. Sage

Coal Township