Letters to the Editor

Your letters: Continue to seek the truth

Thirty months ago, Louis Freeh, as an agent for the board of trustees, said Penn State’s culture placed football above the welfare of children.

That is not true. But what they think is true — what they are counting on — is that Penn Staters will put football above the search for the truth.

When the trustees approved the settlement in the lawsuit filed by state Sen. Jake Corman, the biggest smiles were on the faces of those who control this university. Their smiles were not in response to the restoration of the wins. Their joy was due to having played their big card.

They count on the premise that by providing this pacifier, our pursuit of the truth in exposing their malfeasance in this whole sordid affair will wane.

The NCAA and the board of trustees never should have taken away the on-field accomplishments of coach Joe Paterno, his staff and the hundreds of student-athletes who earned those victories. And we can certainly celebrate for them.

The true enemy is not the NCAA or Freeh. The enemy lies within. The enemies are those on the board who aided, abetted, encouraged and paid Freeh to indict our culture, providing a smokescreen for their malfeasance.

As we move forward, we will answer a significant question. Was the board right? Will we place football (and our happiness at the return of the victories) ahead of our determination to search for the truth? Will we be pacified or will we continue the fight until the truth is revealed?

Barry Fenchak

State College