Letters to the Editor

Your letters: Penn State horrible at PR

Would someone in the Penn State administration please read a book on public relations? Then pass the book to Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour?

Those of us who bleed blue and white have steadfastly refused to cower to those intent on painting Penn State as an embarrassing example of an entire academic community gone wrong.

We have stood strong and maintained pride in our school despite a misguided narrative that it was a systemic universitywide “culture problem” that allowed horrendous crimes to be committed by a single former employee.

It’s heartbreaking that this one-sided narrative was potentially driven by the NCAA to boost its own agenda (rather than out of concern for the victims).

What’s worse is that the administration seemingly went along for the ride.

Barbour’s recent Twitter condemnation of our embracing of the re-recognition of hard-fought football victories rubs salt in the wounds produced by the NCAA. It also missed the bigger point.

The settlement in the Corman-McCord suit is about more than just “409.”

The more significant news is that an entire university community was unfairly tainted by the conclusions and punitive actions of an athletic governing body that had no business adjudicating a horrendous and very serious criminal matter that had nothing to do with athletics.

The narrative should be that there is no culture problem at Penn State. There never was.

I wish someone with a university voice as powerful as the NCAA would stand up and say so.

I’d be satisfied even with a tweet.

Timothy Donley

Bowling Green, Ky.