Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Why is Penn State fighting Penn Staters?

Since Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, the NCAA and Penn State agreed to repeal the consent decree, the venom and vitriol being spewed in the media has been difficult to swallow. Having endured it for three years, I thought, “I can take it!”

Why should I have to take it?

While the likes of Keith Olbermann publicly defile our community, university attorneys are busy fighting lawsuits brought by former coaches unceremoniously fired for doing their jobs.

They are collaborating (or colluding) with attorneys for the NCAA, an organization that brought tremendous harm upon the university, despite the fact that they had no authority to do it, and they knew it.

And they are fighting against the university’s own trustees who want access to documents used to condemn our university and the entire community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

Instead of tapping on the shoulders of the suits responsible for these people who are slandering our community and warning them to get these people on a short leash, university attorneys are being paid to fight against Penn Staters while only protecting those who do not state their opinions publicly.

A dream of mine was recently recognized when my daughter received her letter of acceptance to Penn State, and my heart will be broken when we decline to accept admission.

If I can’t trust the university administration to protect 600,000 Penn Staters, how can I trust it with my daughter’s future?

Linda Berkland

Marysville, Ohio