Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Fracking not the right course

In response to Dave Schellberg’s letter (CDT, Jan. 20) critical of Pam Steckler and laying out, yet again, the worn-out industry argument that without fracking we would be jobless and without heat and light, I propose we work for a sane energy policy and consider future generations.

Global warming isn’t a political debate. It’s real and it’s caused by fossil-fuel burning and unsustainable agricultural methods.

Fracked gas is a fossil fuel; it isn’t clean or natural. According to NASA scientists, in the short term, methane has 86 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide from burning coal.

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that global warming is serious and we have only 20 to 30 years to correct course.

Many believe we passed an irreversible tipping point this summer when Arctic ice melted, allowing frozen methane deposits to escape. Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, explains clearly in YouTube videos that we must “keep carbon in the ground” to protect our life-sustaining planetary ecosystem and avoid catastrophic impacts.

Renewable energy is efficient and cost-effective; job growth in this sector has been enormous without it receiving the giant subsidies and perks (like exemption from environmental protection laws) that the well-connected oil and gas industry enjoys.

It’s time for this cleaner alternative to get a jump-start so that it can be deployed in time to make a difference.

Let’s convince our elected officials that fracking isn’t what Pennsylvania needs.

Melody Fleck

Pine Grove Mills

The writer is a member of the executive committee for the Sierra Club Moshannon Group.