Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A significant moment

“I think the parameters have just changed,” Penn State President Eric Barron said.

“The Freeh report, I don’t think, has a great deal of significance for the institution at this point in time.”

Louis Freeh delivered that report significantly grandstanding from a podium in Philadelphia as if he were Moses at Mount Sinai, significantly blessed with divine authority.

Many of us in that room were significantly stunned.

That report significantly torched the institution, along with the reputations of four principals, the lettermen, the families of those people and livelihoods in the local community.

It also significantly damaged the larger Penn State community.

Of the $60 million fined by the NCAA as a result of this significant report, $12 million is significantly directed toward Penn State’s Network On Child Protection and Well-Being.

I ask that a significant portion of that money be used to hold a community panel discussion with network faculty members Jennie Noll and Dr. Lori Frasier, Louis Freeh, Jim Clemente and Dick Thornburgh.

It would be a significant venue to significantly advance a factual, research-driven, intellectual and professional conversation on this tragedy, while allowing Freeh to significantly answer questions from the community he so significantly destroyed with his significantly emotional, inflammatory, factually challenged and agenda-driven report.

It’s significant to note that Freeh has significantly avoided appearing on campus, yet it is significantly stated in his contract to do so.

It would be of significant importance to hundreds of thousands of us at this significant point in time and would significantly help to repair such significant destruction.

Wendy Silverwood

West Chester