Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Fellow DA shocked by county’s behavior

I am the elected district attorney of Monroe County and am nearing the completion of my fourth term in office.

I have never met Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller and yet I am compelled to express my shock and disgust at the appalling treatment she has received at the hands of the Centre County commissioners and the chief of the Bellefonte police department.

Have they lost their minds? If a district attorney is accused of wrongdoing, the proper authority to investigate the matter is the attorney general of the commonwealth or federal authorities for crimes against the United States.

The commissioners have no authority to appoint a special prosecutor. That person will have zero authority to properly gather evidence, compel witnesses to answer questions (as an investigating grand jury would be able to) or to secure search warrants or employ the use of investigative tools normally available to the police.

It will be a worthless sham investigation.

As for Police Chief Shawn Weaver, to wantonly seize the property of the district attorney when the investigation of her is in the hands of the attorney general indicates either gross incompetence or willful corruption.

I truly feel sorry for the people of Centre County and their district attorney.

E. David Christine Jr.