Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: State’s out of money as bills are coming due

Pennsylvania’s government is about to pay its bills. But there’s a problem.

The bills come to $101 billion — and they only have $39 billion. The difference is $62 billion short.

For each taxpayer in Pennsylvania, that’s $14,500.

The problem is that they spend more than what they have. Their solution is to create more taxes. The truth is the tax base isn’t there to collect enough money to pay the bills.

So, they keep accumulating the debt year after year. If you take in the local, county, and state debt, it’s more than $129 billion and growing.

These elected officials are spending tax money like a heroin addict on steroids. When they keep taxing and overspend the money they take in, it just doesn’t make any sense.

The government is too big, the spending is insanely out of control and they seem not to even care what’s going on.

This story is not going to have a very happy ending.

Ed Emel