Letters to the Editor

Do the right thing, honor Joe Paterno and Penn State’s past

The pain continues to haunt us, doesn’t it?

Recently our university administrators allowed us to display a little of the pride we carry in our hearts for our beloved coach and neighbor.

The response was mixed — mostly joy but some nasty, dark comments appeared, as though this celebration is hurting any of the children who were abused.

The perpetrator is in jail; it isn’t Joe Paterno or our culture.

We felt betrayed by university officials and the board of trustees when Paterno was fired. He hadn’t been indicted or found guilty of anything. No justice was given to this man by the university community that he loved, spending his adult life contributing his time and his money to make it a little better.

We can’t correct what is past, but we can pray the university will not be bullied by the hate mail and ill-informed media personnel who will take every opportunity to slander Penn State and Paterno.

They always hated what we stood for and they will continue to do so. But we should proudly wear 409; it’s a huge achievement.

Let us properly honor Paterno, formally, and at every opportunity. Let’s build on our fine traditions, not hide them. Coach James Franklin would be the first to step up. Let’s hope our new Penn State president and athletic director can.

Great people do the right thing when it’s difficult. We haven’t had a lot of them in the past couple of years. Show us.

Ardath Johnson

State College