Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Put taxes on hold

Taxes. No taxes. Some taxes. 10 percent taxes. Flat tax. Percentage tax.

I hear talk about tax, tax and taxes. We seem to have to have them, or at least that’s what our government tells us.

Do you really think we need taxes? Don’t we already have enough? They tax you at any store. Charge you a tax on your income. Then there’s an estate tax. There are so many taxes I don’t see how we can get rid of them; it’s too big of a bureaucracy to get rid of.

The idea of a 10 percent flat tax is a great idea, but no politician will put it in place because, first of all, the poor are going to give 10 percent of next-to-nothing that they don’t have and the rich are going to have to give 10 percent of an awful lot of what they have and they aren’t going to let it happen.

So what should happen with taxes? I think we should stop taxing. We should end it all until we can revise it all.

There’s an idea. What do you think?

John A. DeBartola