Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Move on from Paterno, Penn State’s past

So many of us at Penn State are completely obsessed with restoring Joe Paterno’s glory and punishing anyone who led to his departure.

Why can’t we realize who the real victims are? They are not the honor of Paterno or the lost pride of the university. They are the people who have been truly hurt by abuse.

We bring up Paterno, the board of trustees and the Freeh report so much in the news, but do we consider how the survivors feel — to be reminded again and again of what has happened?

We have to move past what has happened in order to recover and protect those in the present. We should be making sure sexual abuse never happens again instead of making sure no one forgets about Paterno’s statue.

Let’s do the right thing. Forget about honor. Let it go.

Jesse Rong

State College