Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Bring Blue-White carnival back

The Blue-White weekend, up to last year, was a great weekend event — mostly because of the carnival Friday night and all day Saturday.

Families came into town, packing the carnival Saturday before and after the game. Families would bring their children and grandchildren to town, campus and into the stadium.

Penn State canceled the carnival last year over the laughable explanation that “there were no other sporting events that weekend,” indicating the few nonstudents who attend softball or baseball would not come to town.

With this year’s 4 p.m. Saturday game, watch how many people cancel Friday night hotel rooms (unless held hostage by two-night minimum).

With no carnival, Blue-White weekend is purely a three-hour meaningless football scrimmage, hurting fans with children, town revenue and what used to be a great weekend of activities for families.

Ron Giancoli

West Chester