Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Punishing many for act of 1

I am shocked that the Interfraternity Council has put a fraternity (Phi Sigma Kappa) on suspension for a rape that is alleged to have occurred on its premises.

We must all take sexual assault very seriously. Somebody who commits such a horrid crime must be tried and sentenced. However, an entire group of people is being punished for the acts of one person. To make matters worse, the suspect was neither a member of the fraternity nor a Penn State student.

If the perpetrator were a member of a football team, do you punish the entire team? If the perpetrator belongs to your church, do you punish the entire congregation or religion? If he lives in a building on Beaver Avenue, do you punish all who live in the building, on that block or in that town?

Blaming larger groups for the act of one or a few members is a frightening prospect. Where does it stop?

All students and faculty members should be concerned about a kangaroo court system that chooses expedience over justice and due process.

When somebody commits a horrible crime such as sexual assault, they should be punished to the full extent of the law. If additional blame is going to be placed on innocents who knew nothing of the crime, then all of us have much to fear.

Darlene Thomas

State College