Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Sanctions have not been lifted

When people say all the sanctions against Penn State have been lifted, I have to say, “no.”

Yes, the NCAA has repealed the consent decree, restoring 112 wins, scholarships, postseason bowl eligibility and repealing the probation.

However, the NCAA has kept the $60 million fine in effect and kept former Sen. George Mitchell to continue observing the university’s compliance with rules imposed.

I really don’t like the idea that Penn State has allowed the NCAA to save face, saying it had the right to impose the sanctions in the first place.

I would have preferred for the NCAA to be embarrassed by repealing parts of the consent decree and admitting it made serious mistakes and apologize for its rush to judgment.

As for the Big Ten and its commissioner, Jim Delany, and their part in the sanctions: To the best of my knowledge, the Big Ten has not repealed its sanctions against Penn State. The fine is still in effect, as is the nondistribution of bowl money. The Big Ten refuses to remove its sanctions against Penn State.

There has been no mention of the Big Ten continuing its sanctions, whether it be on television, radio or in newspapers.

Penn State President Eric Barron and Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour should negotiate an agreement with the Big Ten, as they did with the NCAA.

Every sanction needs to be repealed with no exception. That is the right thing for both institutions to do so the healing can begin.

Thomas Sturniolo

State College