Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Making a difference

The engineering profession will celebrate National Engineers Week Feb. 22 to 28.

National Engineers Week is the time to recognize the contributions that engineers provide to our nation and to introduce students to the rewarding careers available in engineering and technology.

National Engineers Week is celebrated during the week of George Washington’s birthday on Feb. 22.

In addition to becoming the first president of the United States, Washington was a distinguished military engineer. His wartime experience convinced him that the nation needed its own engineering education institution.

On May 1, 1783, Washington wrote to Alexander Hamilton recommending the establishment of “academies, one or more for the instruction of the art military; particularly those branches of it which respect engineering and artillery, which are highly essential, and the knowledge of which is most difficult to obtain.”

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson signed legislation authorizing establishment of the U.S. Military Academy as the nation’s first engineering school, teaching both military and civil engineering.

Collectively, we need to inspire young people to take an interest in science and engineering, and educate them about the opportunities engineering holds for them.

Students need to better understand how engineers make a difference in their neighborhoods, communities and the world by solving difficult problems using science and technology.

A world-class engineering workforce is critical to our country’s future prosperity and success. Lest we forget that much of what we now take for granted was unimaginable just 25 years ago.

Jack Berezniak

State College