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Letter to the editor: Officer Robert Bradley’s father takes pride in son’s service

State College police Officer Bob Bradley.
State College police Officer Bob Bradley.

For the community and those who only knew my son as Bob or officer, we knew him as Bobby.

He lost his mother to illness at an early age. As a single parent, Bobby was easy to raise (well, sort of). He was a happy, bright, precocious little guy conversing and debating everyone at their peril, even at 21/2.

Rather than be idle, we had a motto in our household: “We have things to do,”’ and wow, did he do those things. He had a firm grasp of his lessons learned in our home and carried them with him when he left.

He departed our home as an achiever, and I expected nothing less.

My wonder was revealed when I went to his funeral. His public life was unanticipated because of his private nature. I knew he was capable, tireless in his tasks and leisure because he “had things to do.”

Bobby was a good son and brother, just a joy, and it pleases me he allotted half his life to the Centre County community.

I am happy for all who knew him and celebrated his life with us. I was honored and I humbly thank you. You all are blessed by knowing him and you must know I came home with a broken heart, sad but filled with gladness.

Bobby did me proud.

He left his family, his job, friends and community all with the lessons he taught us — enduring grace, love, dignity and respect.

We are indeed greater for having Bobby for a short 43 years, and I thank him because I know “he has things to do.”

Robert W. Bradley Sr.


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