Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: More troops, bombs won’t fix Middle East

Twelve years of war. Fourteen years since our pain and rage over the Sept. 11 attacks were skillfully harnessed for regime change in Iraq.

Now, so many years after “mission accomplished,” the entire region is a battlefield between proxies for anti-American despots and extremists. Terrorism is more thoroughly and brutally entrenched than ever.

Yet, if we just get in deeper, if we just send more sorties, drop more bombs, send more weapons, put more boots on the ground, interrogate more robustly, accept some more collateral damage, give our executive branch more power, keep more secrets, spend more treasure and spill more blood; if we just do more of the same more powerfully, by God, we’ll win this thing yet.

Or, maybe, we can pause to consider the wisdom of fighting a fire with gasoline.

James Hynes

Pleasant Gap