Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Obama’s approach is working

The president gave a playful speech recently to the Democratic National Committee.

Some in the media misrepresented the speech as ridicule and sarcasm directed at Republicans.

The speech was funny, smart and kind, even toward his Republican colleagues, whom he urged to “walk the walk” — a few attributes that might come in handy to the relentlessly small-minded guys clawing for his job.

Ridicule would be appropriate directed at a party that seemingly just pretends to represent the interests of middle America, even as Republicans protect the corporate and personal interests of Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and their brethren in patriarchal nepotism.

The softly manicured and coiffed Bush, one of the architects of the bellicose “Project for a New American Century,” called the president “weak.”

Rudy Giuliani said the president “doesn’t love America” or understand history.

It would appear the most patriotic and erudite among us live in the former gangster milieu of New York City and New Jersey politics.

Gov. Chris Christie, who has tanked New Jersey’s economy, recently re-articulated his clever metaphor of a president who “couldn’t find a light switch in the dark.”

Yes, he can.

Hurricane Sandy relief, 59 consecutive months of job growth, 11 million more Americans insured, lowered health-care costs, rising wages, an economy that is the best it’s been since Bill Clinton left a big surplus and, yes, an intelligent foreign policy grounded in a clear understanding of the nuances of world and American history that avoids making the same cowboy mistakes of the past.

Check, please.

Marylouise Markle

State College