Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Trustees hired good president

I came to Penn State in 1953 for graduate study, stayed as a member of the faculty and now live in retirement from where I see the Nittany Lion emblem lighted atop Beaver Stadium.

By quite a few measures of academic suitability, research achievement and outreach response to need, Penn State does well compared to peer institutions across the United States.

One outcome, a crown jewel, are the employers who flock here to hire Penn State graduates.

How did this come about? An important obligation for the board of trustees is finding and convincing individuals to come and guide this university as its president.

There have been seven of them since 1953, bringing talents that reflect what the board thought was needed at a particular time and for the future.

A responsibility carried out quite well, I would think.

Philip Keeney

State College