Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Turn away from violence

By now the attack on the Paris paper Charlie Hebdo will have faded from the momentarity of the public mind.

Let me recall what happened there to say that the paper blasphemed against what Islam considers holy, and this, done over and over by the paper each time, violated symbolic sacrality and struck at the purity a the center of the believer’s heart.

If the borough decided to erect a statue of Joe Paterno molesting a child in the center of State College, our response would echo what a Muslim must have felt.

And yet to respond to that wounding with rage and deadly violence was a greater blasphemy, for the killings struck at the living sacrality in each of the victims’ hearts.

For, finally, words and images, the symbolic sacred is only here to serve the free spirit in each of us. In spirit we can turn from evil and do the good.

Each time that happens it reaches the very center of the world.

John Harris

State College